A Long Awaited Inglot Haul.

Hi all! It's been way too long since I last blogged! I've been procrastinating in posts and also as usual being a huge busy bee. I've finally finished my second year at University and I've finally got myself a new car! I've been dying to post something but was still articulating and editing my images as well as finding the right time to post since my schedule has been jam packed considering that I've been given more shifts at work leading up to the busy Christmas Season. 

Anywho, to kick off my come back - I've been awaiting to post this Inglot haul which I kind of collected during August - Late September. Talk about a huge lag, I've finally compiled some things that I've bought and also being an Inglot virgin - no doubt I was highly impressed and I have to say that they're awesome. 

Their quality is amazing and also their prices are not surprisingly expensive. Compared to MAC. I would definitely go for Inglot if you're looking for that high end quality but don't want that huge price tag MAC offers. 

A few of the items were from IMATS earlier this year in August and the rest were pick ups whilst being near the Inglot stand at Bondi Junction. I'm not going to go into too much detail but just a little overview of the products. 

I didn't take an individual shot of the Matte Top Coat but I can say that the Inglot Matte Top Coat is the bomb diggity. Best Matte Top Coat I've ever tried. It lasts pretty well on my nails, roughly a week without chipping. 

I've been eyeing the Freedom System for a while (ever since my friend Lisa bought an 8 palette Freedom System at IMATS I was so tempted.) In late September, I finally got my hands on it and bought 2 eyeshadows just as a starter. I haven't decided on the other 2 colours to fill it with so it's blank for now, until I can find something unique. As you can see the chips and scratches on the eyeshadows I had a tough time trying to move them in and out of the palette. I'm a huge noob and knew that I can use the lid to shift them out. The brown eyeshadow is a bitch to move out of the palette so I literally need a bobby pin to crank that one out. The shimmery pearl shadow is a dream to take out of the palette only using the magnetic corner to gently shift the shadow out. Overall, this palette is great for travelling and I like the quad and the ability to switch shadows and stuffs.  

Swatches of 402 (Shimmer), 30 (Pearl)

The Flakie Polish in 203 was an awesome addition to my obsession with flakie polishes. I also picked this one up at IMATS this year. Bought it for $11 at IMATS. Awesome quality polish I have to add!

The Inglot lip glosses are my favourite, considering being a person who isn't a huge fan of lip glosses. I discovered 100 at IMATS earlier this year when I was after a nice nudey pink gloss. I instantly fell in love with the colour considering it was something I was looking for - as well as the awesome formula and irresistible strawberry scent. It's the type of scent you want to open up the lip gloss and sniff all day. I do that..... 

I have to say that the Sleek Creams are my favourite range out of their glosses. It glides on nicely and also has a pretty decent staying power. It's also moisturising so +1 for that too! 

Their formula is way better than any other gloss I've tried to date they're decently priced coming at $22AUD. 100 is a shade which I picked up at IMATS for $15. Best lip gloss ever. As for the Sleeks and Sleeks VLC - they're similar but obviously a different range. I found that the VLC's are much more on the shimmery/pearly side and also the Sleeks are more shimmer/metallic (If that makes sense).  I've used up half the tube of the 100 already and that's a new record for me. I'm one of those people who never finish lip glosses because I'm always switching around and stuff. Oh, and add my YSL Glossy Stain to the 'most used lip glosses' these two are my all time favs!  

The scents of these lip glosses are uniquely pleasant, as I mentioned.  I found that the Sleek Creams have this awesome strawberry scent which is irresistible compared to the Sleeks and Sleeks VLC which kind of have a plasticy scent - it's not a huge turn off but the Sleek Creams are much more desirable in scent. 

Swatches of 76, 100, 45.

That concludes my Inglot haul! I'm just finishing up with some more posts that I need to put together. I'll be back real soon so keep an eye out! In the meantime, let me know if there's any other posts you would like to see!

Be back real soon!

Love, J 


  1. Congrats on finishing your second year at uni and also on your new car!! That's awesome!

    Nice Inglot haul! The lip glosses are super pretty... The nude pink and orange shade is something I would get ^_^ I'm that same too - I never properly finished up a lipgloss/lipstick! haha

  2. Nice haul!
    Love the swatches :)

  3. Ooh, I haven't tried Inglot products before, maybe I will now! ^^ The eyeshadow colours seem very diverse and easy to match with other makeup! :D

  4. I JUST applied that matte top coat!
    I love Inglot! they're so reliable and amazing quality!


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