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It's been a long long time since I last blogged. It's almost 3 weeks for me (which seems forever for me). I'm not quite back yet but I thought I had to post something after not posting for 3 weeks! I haven't finished with my Uni Exams yet, I still got 2 more and I am free after Wednesday night! Til then, I'm looking forward to 3 months of holidays as well as looking forward to Stereosonic next Saturday, (insert other 'fun and exciting' things I'm planning to do) and also going to Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour in February next year! (Thanks to the boyfriend for scoring us the Pre Sale Tickets and also getting the Arena Floor tickets! I literally screamed at work today when he called me that he got the tickets... I'm one huge SHM fan.)

Anyways, I'm not going to bore you any longer and so I'll cut to the chase and show you my new prized possession which I've been admiring so so much as well as itching to blog about! 

I'm madly in love with the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain in Corail Aquatique (No 7). (Yes, that's a freaking long name for a Lip Gloss... but whatever! It's ama-zing!) 

After so much hype in the 'beauty community' I took the liberty of visiting the Myer store near my Uni and tried the gloss/stain out. I didn't really like it at first but after coming back to it and also going to a David Jones store trying it on a handful of different shades as well as contemplating on purchasing such an expensive lip gloss, I took the plunge and I splurged - after working so hard for the past 2 months of course I deserve to treat myself.... after spending so much on cosmetics already. I promise I'm not purchasing anymore make up for the rest of this year. I swear!

From the beginning I'm not a huge lip gloss person but recently I've been more and more interested and I think this lip gloss/stain has got me into lip glosses... Let's hope it remains that way!

Corail Aquatique is a nice pinky coral shade (which is my type of colour). It wasn't the exact colour I had in mind when I ordered it from StrawberryNet but after a few wears I adjusted to it and admired it since. 

The applicator is a pointed lip sponge which doesn't bother me, it applies on the lips quite lavishly and also somewhat evenly. At first, I couldn't help but kind of cringe a little when I open the lid to apply the lip gloss, since it has this strong alcoholic smell... the only kind of smell you would find with YSL Lipsticks (which I found) and probably also High End Lipsticks (from my experience) but it doesn't bother me cause to me it's such a beautiful and also luxurious product I've looked beyond it's flaws. 

That being said, there is one little flaw... It claims to last pretty long on the lips. That's only with the stain, which is probably a good all day wear (8 hours+) even with eating and drinking. As for the gloss itself, roughly once you start eating or drinking it starts feathering away and afterwards it kind of just sits on the lips (if you have dry lips, exfoliate them or wear lip balm first or else it will accentuate your dry lips!) and then you would reapply to have your lips looking lush again. Other than that I have no other issues. 

For me, I line my lips with my Make Up Forever Aqua Lip Pencil in 15C and then apply one generous layer of the gloss. That's pretty much my everyday/work lippie which I've been wearing often lately. 

Ever since I received it (probably nearly 2 weeks ago?) I've been wearing it everyday non-stop. My mum and also mummy-in-law love the lippie so much that my mum asked me to purchase one for her (since I purchased my one, it's been sold out/unavailable on StrawberryNet and a bunch of other websites online, but I do not want to pay the AUS RRP price for this so I just gotta wait :( sigh). Considering it's such a nice natural everyday shade, it will most likely suit anybody of any age. 

Here are some swatches. I apologise for not doing a lip swatch, my skin has been heaps horrible so I didn't want my DSLR to pick up the nastiness... LOL

But anyways, swatched from left to right is just how it is as a stain and how it is as a gloss. So hopefully that would give you an idea, of even better you can probably google better images of lip swatches and what not. 

Considering the RRP for this lippie at Myer & David Jones is $50. Purchasing off StrawberryNet was a breeze! It was really quick and also it was roughly the same price as the RRP in the States! (State is $32, I got it for $31.50 with free shipping! It only took 4 days to get to me) 

I really like this lip gloss/stain and maybe I might end up with another shade in the future. But in the meantime I'll be using my new MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick (with my recent MAC Haul which I will post up soon) in conjunction to this gloss, for a somewhat long wearing lippy. I forgot to mention that... I kind of use the gloss to layer on top of other lipsticks to make my lippies last a little longer! (Works)

I'll be back soon with heaps of products to share with you and also reviews as well. After this horrid week of exams as well as slowly crunching away through my busy schedule - I'll be able to unwind and relax as well as post more on the blog! 

See ya'll soon! 

Love, J 

*This product was purchased with my own money. I was not paid or reimbursed in any way. I have not been paid by any respective companies mentioned and all my thoughts are my own. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy. 


  1. ohh, im loving the shade, really gorgeous! ^_~

  2. I love that colour!
    I've nominated you for a Liebster award, please check it out, it's a great way to network blogs!

  3. Wow, you got this even cheaper than what they sell at the States! I used to order from Strawberry Net and was happy with the really fast shipping too! I bet this gloss looks real pretty on you!

    Good luck with exams and looking forward to all your upcoming product reviews! xx

  4. I have heard lots of great things about the YSL Glossy Stains but sadly, YSL cosmetics are not available where I live. Good luck with exams!!



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