Travel Make Up Video

Hi All! I've been so busy with my exams, I have one more left to go and also will be jetting off to Melbourne on Thursday for 12 days! There was no other flight that was cheaper for me to come back on and also I thought I'll stay for a bit longer, despite having roughly less than $400 to spend there. *crosses fingers that will last me*

I promised I'd make a what's in my travel make up blog but instead I made a video! I also included all the make up i'll be bringing to Melbourne. You'll be surprised at how much I bring... Trust me I don't even use all of it. 

Excuse my voice & all as I'm currently down with the sniffles and also I took many takes so this was probably like the 6 or 7th take...


Love, J 


  1. OMG LOL!! Joline! You pack like you're going away for 12 months, not 12 days!! :P lmao XD It's interesting to see some parts of your stash! :P Have a safe trip xx

    1. Duuuuuuuude I don't even use much of the products LOOOOL

  2. I love travel makeup related posts and wow, you take a good range of makeup! It so cute that you take nail polish with you =)

    I used to take a HUGE amount of makeup when I go on holidays- palettes, blushes and brushes that I didn't end up using.. hehe. Now I prefer to travel more lightly - gives me more room to SHOP! Haha

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Awww so cute LOL agree with Tram, you take so much hahaha! I normally only take one of everything LOL so I'd end up with like one pouch only. And a separate one for brushes (which I notice you didn't mention here).
    BTW is that an infinity ring?! :D

    1. Yes, I kinda cut down on it. But yeah I'm pedantic like that trust me I won't use EVERYTHING in there but it's handy to have stuff around ya know! Also I forgot to add my brushes, I realised after my video LOL. And yeah that's an infinity ring my bf got for me :)


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