OCC Lip Tars in Banjee, Interlace & Reverb

So the other day I placed an order at Lehved probably around 2 weeks ago, I bought an Eyelash Curler (yes another one and a review on the Preo Eyelash Curler soon) and also grabbed some free samples of items that I could add to my order. I chose some OCC Lip Tar Samples, they're enough for me to sample on as they generously gave me so much I've been altering between Banjee and Reverb when going to Uni/Work. 

The little jars are roughly the size of an Australian 20c coin and about a cm in height. I got a lot of product so I was able to continuously and currently use it. 

Here is what they look like in their original packaging, I couldn't find anything uniform for Banjee but this shall do. 

My favourite out of all them would be Banjee and Reverb, they're nice bright colours and Banjee if blotted after the first application turns into a nice sheer orange which I really like. I sometimes want a bold pop of colour and I add Banjee and Reverb together. 

Banjee - Freshly Sliced Mango 

Interlace - Subtle Peach Neutral

Reverb - Yellow-Based Fire Engine Red 

I'm not a huge fan of Interlace it makes me look so washed out but it's a great opaque nude though. For me it's one of those colours you would tone down a lip colour with. 

OCC Lip Tars are found online in Australia (from what I know) and can be purchased on Lehved for $16 (+$8.95 for Flat Rate Shipping in Australia) 

I would definitely repurchase these lip tars but I'm not a huge fan of their packaging. I'm trying to find a MAC Lipstick form of Banjee (nothing too exact but somewhat a bright orange - Thinking of  Morange) 

Do you have any suggestions on MAC Lipsticks for Banjee? Please leave a comment below because I'm dying to find a dupe or something similar and a bit more red. 

Love, J

*These samples were included with my order from Lehved, I have not been paid or reimbursed in any way. My thoughts are purely my own and unbias. For more information please see my disclosure policy


  1. I love the looks of Banjee and Reverb on your lips - especially Reverb, it looks beautiful with your skintone! Those samples look like they would last quite a while - how generous! I really should get a new eyelash curler. Im currently using my Koji one and I think that one has done its time... haha.

  2. I love the colours they are so vibrant but I love the peach one best! I don't live in australia you think they have them in canada? Anywho followed your blog via bloglovin! Check out mine? fallacie.com

  3. I love reverb! The OCC lip tars are just so addictive.

  4. They look like little jars of paint! I like the vibrant, bold colours. The most orange lipsticks I have are Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti, Barry M in Peachy Pink and Sportsgirl Fruit Tingle, but none of them are as straight up orange as Banjee (they tend a bit more coral and are darker).

  5. Replies
    1. I got them as a part of a purchase from a store online.

    2. There is a girl who sells samples on eBay! http://bit.ly/14Wff0R


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