Hi all! I'll be on hiatus til the end of this month. I'll be studying for my final exams for Uni and also after my final exam on the 20th, I'm heading to Melbourne for a couple of days! I'll try and sneak in some posts but I can't guarantee that for sure! I've been so busy with work trying to save up as much as I can for my trip to Melbourne. Will be doing a review on Australis Products real soon and also a 'What's in my Travel Bag' before I leave for Melbourne!

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Love, J 


  1. Good luck studying for your exams! Hope you do well in them. Will be looking forward to your Australis and travel bag posts :)

    1. Thank you dear! And definitely will keep you posted! :D

  2. Good luck with your exams, let me know how you do when you come back :) I have just finished mine and know how stressing it can be!

    Tanesha x


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