Australis Double Decker Eyeshadow Duo in Give Me Some Space

Hi all! I miss posting regularly on my blog, it's so exciting to see the comments pop-up whenever someone leaves one! I'm currently studying and cramming before my first exam on Thursday afternoon for my Statistics exam and then following my Programming Exam and Systems Exam after. Can't wait to pack and also head off to Melbourne for about a week, shopping and catching up with the family down there.

I've been urging to post this review for a while considering I had to get other reviews and all out of the way first, so just quickly - I thought I'll do a quick review on the Australis Double Decker Eyeshadow Duo in Give Me Some Space! When I received this, I was a bit imtimidated by the colour because I'm a more neutral girl when it comes to eyeshadows and make up in general. I was testing out the purple and I somewhat liked it! Though it's not my everyday cup of tea of colour it's a great alternative if you wanna pop some purple instead of using black all the time. This Double Decker Range is full of metallic colours and reminds me of space with the chosen names and colours sold.

This top part of this duo is this Creme Eyeshadow that can be doubled up as a dark purple gel liner it looks almost black but has an iridescent touch of purple and also it's very build able! 

The bottle has a shifter in the same colour but in powder form. 

Left is the Loose Pigment/Eyeshadow and the Right is the Creme Eyeshadow. 
On Camera you can't see (on the right) the purple flecks but in real life and in low light it's visible. (Refer to the image below)

  • Longlasting (without a primer) 
  • Buildable Colour
  • Can be doubled up as a gel liner
  • Compact and Small
  • Great Consistancy on the Creme Eyeshadow
  • Will crease without primer (but you would always apply primer for the best results for any eyeshadow)
  • Creme Eyeshadow - feels a bit oily on application
  • Loose pigments are a bit difficult to dispense
  • Not a fan of Loose Pigments and how they get everywhere

Overall, I'm somewhat satisfied with this product, I don't find it to be much of a great use for me because it's not my type of colour. I adore Australis products in general but along the way I've found many that have impressed me and some that haven't so far, this just merely impressed me. This duo is widely available wherever Australis is sold (Priceline, Big W, Target etc) and retails for a mere $9.95AU. 

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Love, J 

*PR has sent this product for review. I give my honest opinions and thoughts about this product. For more information please see my disclosure policy. 


  1. The cream product looks a tad lacklustre but the shimmer is pretty. I've not seen this shade, is it new? I have one of these in a dark green/greenish gold shimmer - it's okay but I don't really ever use it. I like the concept of a cream shadow and a loose shimmer pigment though.

    1. I'm assuming it's not new, I saw a review on another blog so you would probably have to go to store to store to check it out. I've heard that a lot of people have the green/greenish gold shimmer one. I'm not overly a huge fan of it, I'm planning to send it off to America for my cousin to try out :)

  2. I love the glitter look! Great post :)

    Cierra @ Sugar & Spice

  3. Whoaaaa it looks gorgeous in the pot! But hmmm doesn't look as pretty swatched.

    1. It can become build-able! But not a fan of the colour

  4. I love this combination, looks great! I've been tempted to get this before but I am quite lazy about using loose shadows so I always refrained...btw, that nail polish colour is gorgeous!

  5. I really like Australis and this looks really nice - I haven't seen this product before though *off to the shops I go* haha



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