Benefit POREfessional Review

So I've been loving Benefit's POREfessional so so so much I've been meaning to get around to make a blog post about it. I've been using it everyday when I head out and it's so amazing for what it does! 

I use to get so annoyed when I'm wearing my foundation throughout the day and the pores are visible it's just... looks... urgh and most people would apply more foundation and all. That's a big no no for me!

Basically, I'm not a huge touch up person when it comes to make up when I go out. I'm that lazy, once I leave the house I just head out and go. I'll occassionally carry my lipstick and mascara/eyeliner but in the end I barely reach out for it especially on a night out. 

Benefit's POREfessional is a pro balm that minimises the appearance of pores. For my case, I have really large pores on around my nose around and upper cheek area. To minimise that areas where my enlarged pores are visible, I apply a small amount of this product and away goes my pores. This is done when I'm priming my face first with my Natio Face Primer and then applying Porefessional afterwards, following the normal routine of foundation and etc. 

I love the effect it gives because it acts both as a primer and also a concealer for not only pores but little blemishes for me as well!

For a more detailed information and also seeing it in action I shall refer you to this video where I first saw Benefit's Porefessional below. It does more of the talking, better than I do and also you can see the difference it makes to the skin. 

This video sums up everything and it is a definite winner for me!

Skip to 0.29 

Hands down this is a definite repurchase for me and it retails for $52AUD at Myer/David Jones stores across Australia. Pricey, but worth it if you want that flawless face and also minimise those pores!

Love, J.


  1. whoaaa watched the second video and that's so amazingggg! i thought it'd be a clear liquid but its actually cream coloured so its kinda like a concealer yay

  2. Woah, that looks awesome.
    I've always liked Benefit's products, though they tend to be more on the pricey side :/


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