March Glossybox

I thought I'd quickly post this as it's nearly the end of March and I've been so caught up with Uni I only manage to sneak in a bit of 'social life' only on Saturday's lately. (Okay only the past two Saturdays... Let me remind you what a wonderful social life I've been having lately *sarcasm intended* Okay, maybe it's not that bad.) I am that physically and mentally drained. *major sigh* I ask myself 'WHAT IS LIFE?!' since Uni consumes most of us.

So anywho, after all this hype about these beauty boxes I've decided to join the band wagon of beauty bloggers and all! So this is my first time I've subscribed to Glossybox and for those readers who don't know what Glossybox is - it's basically a variety of products you get to try each month for $14.95 (delivered).

Let me just say, I got this last Thursday morning and I was heaps excited when the postman knocked on my door. BUT...My expectations weren't really high - because I've already seen what most people got in their Glossyboxes for this month.  Some things were quite useful and some were just like... 'What am I going to do with it?!' But after opening it up and seeing Dencorub glaring at me - I was just feeling extremely disappointed. (That's me) I understand that it's a 'Sporty Edition' this month but... I was like "Seriously?" That just really made me disappointed seeing a medicated rub in a beauty box?! - But whatever. I'll just go with it.

So I got 

Dencorub Extra Strength Heat Gel (Full Size) 
Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water (50ml)
Sheercover Oil Free Moisturiser (30ml)
Blush Amour LipGloss Full Size
The Body Shop Body Butter Sample
KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex Spray

As well as a Bonus

$10 Gift Care at Zanui (Which I won't be using)
A Pink Power Balance Band (and that... I think I'll give it to my niece)

Anywho, out of that whole box I didn't find anything subsequently appealing to me. Overall, everything in there wasn't THAT useful to me. I gave most of the things in the box to my mum and the only things I kept was:
  • Avene's Spray (which a bit stupid because it's basically Water in a Can just from France LOL)  
  • KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex Spray (Probably useful as a heat protectant spray)
  • Sheercover's Moisturiser (Which smells like normal sunscreen and I don't really like it... but whatever! I'll use it...)
The Blush Amour lip-gloss looked and felt really cheap and the lip crayon was so flimsy. It looked like something from a $2 store.

I don't know why I got such 'crappy' items (okay, the 3 I mentioned isn't as bad - and maybe because I obviously had high expectations)  But in my VERY FIRST Glossybox?! When everyone else got Thin Lizzy Concealers (which I wouldn't mind getting and I would be happy to receive!) I don't know *shrugs* - but that's my opinion.

After that, I've unsubscribed to them and subscribed to LustHaveIt and I'm going to see how the April box would be like and if I don't like it I'll unsubscribe. I'm just going to trial these beautyboxes and make up my mind on which one I would like to continue subscribing to! But anywho, if you care to disagree with me - by all means that's your opinion! I really didn't like this box so that's my 2 cents right there!

Anywho, anyone had any good/bad products they got from either Glossybox or LustHaveIt? Comment below and tell me! I would love to hear your responses!

Love, J


  1. I don't have a subscription to Glossybox, but wow I'd be disappointed with those products :(

    Anyway, I love your blog and your hauls!! Followed :D

  2. Have you looked into Bellabox? I've heard a bit about them.
    LOL srly? Dencorub? *cracks up*

    not sure if you've seen this blog post but it's on the April Lust Have It box!

    1. Yeah I have, we know each other as well! Hahaha, I ordered from Lust Have It and expecting that same box.


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