Lush Goodies!

So on Tuesday, after having stuffing our faces at Star Buffet at Club Marconi. The boyfriend and I headed to Westfield Penrith just to kill time before he had Uni. I headed to Lush before I caught the train home and I wasn't expecting on buying anything, but.... I did! It's my first time buying anything from Lush and finally I got some awesome goodies to try out!


So I got myself...

R&B (Revive & Balance) Finishing Hair Moisturiser - $19.95
Vanillary Solid Perfume - $10.95
Dirty Toothy Tabs - $3.95

R&B Hair Moisturiser is lovely, especially if you want your hair 'revived' into soft and also smooth hair. It's great if you have dry/damaged hair and is in need of a good instant fix. It's great because you don't need to wash it off and also helps protect your hair from the harsh heat because of the use of hair straighteners and curling irons. 

I use this as a 'primer' for my hair when I straighten as well as my heat protectant and the scent is a lovely Lemony scent which adds a little touch when doing my hair before I head out.

As for Vanillary Solid Perfume. I've been using this like crazy! Basically it's like a glue stick and then you apply this on your body and you smell like Vanilla! 

I know this might not sound so appealing but anyways I freaking love it! I try and avoid applying this in public or else people think I'm applying glue on myself and they would probably think I'm crazy but anywho, I freaking sniff this all the time LOL. (Okay being weird again)

It also contains organic jojoba oil and some other moisturising ingredients with properties to make your skin nice and smooth as well as hydrated - so that's awesome! 


So for these Toothy Tabs, I've been using them in the past week ever since I got them and I gotta say they have made my teeth whiter and also they're heaps amazing for just a little product!

So basically, what it is - is that it's like a Mint, you wet the tab and nibble on it with your front teeth. Wet your toothbrush and brush like you would normally brush your teeth. Sometimes, just for that extra touch of that whole minty 'fresh breath' feeling - I finishing off with my regular Sensodyne toothpaste or Listerine. 

I absolutely love this product and for the price. It's so worth it! I love the fact that out of all the toothpastes I've tried none of them do anything to whiten my teeth and when I used these Toothy Tabs they worked from the moment I started using them! So awesome!!! The thing I don't like about this product is that it's in a cardboard box, so I got my Happy Lab Tub which I had, washed it out and placed my Toothy Tabs in that! It looks like I have a bunch of drugs there... LOL but anyways! It's not. Okay kids?! 

Also if you're wondering what that sticker is, Lush has this thing where they place stickers on products that are made from certain people. Overall, Lush Products are all handmade and use only organic ingredients and they're vegan friendly. The products that are sold at Lush in Australia - are Made in Australia. (Because Lush is also originated from the UK as well) along with that sticker displays when it was made and also when it expires. So you know the lifetime of the product!

I wanted to try out their Solid Shampoos after reading Amanda's posts on her Lush Products (which made me wanna try Lush in the first place), but I have too many at home already so I'll leave it til next time when I'm about to run out and order them online. But for the moment, I was nice enough to grab some samples from the guy who served me at Lush. He was a bit cocky... but whatever. I got free samples! 

Has anyone used these shampoos/conditioners? I haven't tried them yet, the Cynthia Sylvia Stout one smells.. a bit horrid for me - considering it contains.. Stout. Bleh. But the American Cream Liquid Conditioner is heavenly nice! 

So yeah! This is my little Lush 'haul' - I suppose, you can put it that way!
My question to you is... Have you tried any Lush products and if so which ones do you recommend?! Or which ones would you like to try!

Til later!

Love, J.


  1. I've heard a lot about those toothy tabs, never actually bought anything from Lush before. Maybe I'll do a visit one day.

    1. They're pretty awesome, They have this weird after taste but you get use to it after a while :)

  2. I haven't tried Lush before just because I think it's a little expensive... I really want to try the solid perfume now to give my normal perfumes a break, and even the toothy tabs too. Anything that would help whiten my teeth! xx


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