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So my order from America came today in the mail! I was only expecting my MAC Make Up (Eyeliner, Gel Liner & Tinted Moisturizer/Foundation) from my dear cousin Lila, who lives in Texas! 

So i was walking to my front door at around 1pm and i saw the postman like 4 houses away and i just sat in front of my house, waiting til the mailman arrived and hoped that my parcel from America would arrive today! In which it did!!!!! Unexpectedly my MAC Brushes from Hong Kong arrived as well too! So DOUBLE SCORE!

I was so excited to try MAC's Fluidline Eyeliner Gel, I've heard so many good things about it and finally got my hands on it! Thank god i got this sent from America, cause i only paid $15USD?!

It glided onto my eyes very well and i was so surprised to see how 'wet & shiny' it looked when i opened it. It looks like ink! Hence why it's called Fluidline

Next was my long awaiting, MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Medium Plus

I've probably blogged about this like nearly 3 times already.... and i finally.. HAVE IT IN MY HANDS. The actual full size. This was $30USD ($48AUD) at the MAC Store. I'm not a huge fan of having my face in full coverage when it comes to foundation, i love light and minimal use of foundation on my face - because i only use it to even out my red patches and cover up any visible blemishes and all on my face! I never put anything over the amount of a 5 cent coin of foundation on my face so... most of my foundation will last me up to 2 years! And the shelf life for this foundation is... 2 years! Perfect! But i'll probably use this before 2 years because it's more of a moisturiser than a foundation - definitely my everyday go to!

To me, it has this sunscreenish smell with a mix of foundation.. (weird) but it's the only way i can subscribe it. 
I'm not saying it has a weird smell though!

The reason why i love it so much is that it's light weight on my skin.You can say it's kind of like a BB cream (though i'm not a huge fan of BB creams because they tend to make my face look ghostly white and my skin is lightly tanned) I suggest if you really want a natural finish and something that doesn't weigh your face down. Go for this, try it at the MAC Counter and find the right colour for you! I'm a MAC - NC25 in most foundations but if you're like me you might go for a Medium Plus or just a Medium. 

Next on the list as MAC Penultimate Liquid Eyeliner 

I was a bit skeptical about the application tip? brush? pen? I don't know, but when i applied it on my eyes it was alright... Maybe it's the fact that i'm not a huge fan of Liquid Liner's since i have so much trouble applying them on but to me this was good as i like the Pen Liquid Liners more than the brush on ones... If that makes sense. 

In Comparison to Maybelline's Line Definer Liquid Liner (Discontinued) (it's old and you can see how the letters have rubbed off!)

MAC's Penultimate (Left) & Maybelline's Line Definer (Right)

MAC (Top) & Maybelline (Bottom) - It's a bit more lighter since i've ran out of it. 

I really did like Maybelline's Liquid Liner but i have oily eyelids so it tends to smudge and crease when i have it on, making my upper eyelids look cloggy and yuck. When i applied MAC's Penulitmate it was just a nice dry and precise formula and very pigmented and just stayed put! The brush was easy to maneuver around with so i really liked it though, i say if you're really skilled at applying Liquid Liner; anything goes!

Though i really REALLY dislike Maybelline's Lash Stiletto Liquid Liner & also their Mascara, which i'll probably one day make a review on them!

Bottomline: Overall, the MAC products i purchased was pricey but it was worth every cent. I was over the moon when i tried them and how they we're on face. I can't stress how much i'm in love with these items. 

As for the brushes mentioned before, i bought myself another set as i needed proper eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and also back up foundation brushes when ones like really dirty and i have a clean one to use. 

I have previously owned a MAC 187 stippling brush which i got as a present from my cousin. I do use it  and that was $85AUD - I cherish it like no tomorrow LOL but honestly, i wouldn't spend $85 on just ONE brush alone - i could get a whole set! In which i have and... had a look at! Sigma Brushes, apparently are just as the same quality as MAC and are much cheaper! A whole set is $109 when 1 MAC Brush is like $85. LIKE CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. I CAN BUY A WHOLE SET. But i got these brushes for the fraction of that price. If they do start fraying and also being crappy and all i know i can chuck away these and save up and buy those Sigma ones i've been lusting about! 

For those who ask, why i would use brushes instead of my fingers and etc. In my opinion, when i use a particular brush it disbursts out the foundation evenly and also i don't have to use too much product - also because i love how the application is on my face. I rarely use my fingers to apply make up as it might be unhygenic and might cause breakouts and all but - it's all up to how you apply your makeup! 

Anywho, i hope you enjoyed reading about my new love for these MAC products i've recently purchased! I'm still awaiting for my Urban Decay and Sephora packages from America in which i can review as well as try out for myself! 

Love, J.

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