Lucia Soy Candle Review.

So you're probably thinking, a candle review?! Yep, I thought I would do something different as opposed to my regular beauty posts. It doesn't hurt to post something unrelated to beauty once in a while, right?!

Anyways! Today I have one of the Lucia Soy Candles which I have received from the lovely Laura! I was excited to try out one of the scents from the Lucia Soy Candle range as I've never heard of this brand before.

I've always been a scented candle lover, on average I spend probably from $10-30 dollars on scented candles from time to time. However, I’m not a regular scented candle lover because I do not want to spend that much on candles too often but I do love my scented candles and when I feel like splurging a little bit I would purchase one!

Lucia Soy Candles are 100% organic and also, environmentally friendly - as it is a great alternative to the existing petroleum based paraffin candles. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about - my best reference would be the candles you get from the supermarket or from the dollar store).

When I first received the Lucia Soy Candle in Thyme Flower and Coriander I was like ‘What a weird combination for a scent!?’ but also at the same time it was quite unique! So weird and unique I couldn't stop sniffing it! (Don't I sound weird? Hahaha) I was so addicted to the scent that I've lit the candle every night since I got it! I’m obsessive, okay!?

The packaging was also really pretty! It came in this cute little folded box and the candle inside was wrapped in a lime green tissue paper. I really liked how the candle was wrapped in the tissue paper as it gave the candle an extra touch to the whole presentation accompanying the pretty green box on the outside as well.

Lucia Candles would make a great gift idea for any occasion. Let alone, I can find myself trying out more scents from the Lucia range because I’m really intrigued by the various unique scents!

Lucia Candles come in two variations of burning time. The one I have is for 20 hours and they also offer a 50 hour burning time candle as well. They're a popular seller on the Sapone Soap website, so if you're looking for a last minute Christmas gift for anyone or if you are also a scented candle lover like me! This is something you might want to consider, and also check out!

You can find Lucia Candles in 10 wonderfully appealing scents at Sapone Soap for $10.95 (for a 20 hour candle) and $27.95 (50 hour candle).

I'll be back real real real real soon with more posts! 

Til later, 
Love, J 

Disclaimer: This item has been sent for consideration, by all means my opinions and thoughts upon this product are unbias and also 100% honest. All images are my own and are belong to the Just Plain Delirious blog. For more information please see my Disclosure policy.


  1. ooh, I love scented candles! They can make a home so warm and cosy! hehe, my favourite candles are from Jo Malone. You should check them out, they are so lush! ^^

  2. I really like that they're 100% organic and environmentally friendly. And honestly, I quite enjoy uniquely pleasant scents. If I had to choose over a strong common fragrance over something that is different, I would choose the latter.

    The packaging also looks so pretty. Great review by the way! xx

  3. Teheh I don't mind reading something
    that isn't beauty product relevant!
    The candle sounds great and yep, the
    combination is weird lol but agree
    unique as well.
    I like the idea that's 100% organic
    as well!



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