Barbie 'Big Eye' Circle Lenses (Brown) Review

Hi guys! I've been meaning to post more frequently (like I said before) and I'm sorry! I've been a bit sick (Had a cyst around my eye area) and also I've had relatives over so I've been taking them around sightseeing and all that stuff. (Not making excuses, but I do miss my blog and I know I've probably said this a thousand times but I hope that since I'm off work now - I can hopefully post more frequently!) 

Also, I would also like to say thanks to all of those who entered my competition and also hello to the new followers to my blog! It's nice to see new readers and followers who enjoy reading my blog! It keeps me motivated to write more for you guys!

Anyways, to the review!  

So the kind people at Uniqso sent me a pair of these 'Barbie 'Big Eye' Circle Lenses' for review. I chose the brown ones since brown seems natural for my eye colour and thought it'd be nice to get something different than just grey contacts all the time.

What I adore about Uniqso, is their neat packaging with their contact lenses.  It always comes in this adorable red box and the lenses are bubble wrapped nicely. They also include a contact lenses case with every pair of contact lenses you purchase. 

The diameter for these lenses are 16.5mm, which is massive! The usual circle lenses I own are roughly around 14 - 15mm which seems more natural and not too 'in your face'. But hence, the name Barbie 'Big Eye' Circle Lenses - these lenses do give you that huge dolly eye effect and enlarge your iris a tad more. 

If you're the type of person who loves that huge 'dolly' eye effect than this is the contact lenses for you. 

Personally, I didn't like these lenses because they're a bit too big for my preference and made me look really freaky. I've only wore them a few times (just for review purposes) and I wished these came in a smaller diameter. 

Other than that, the contact lenses themselves aren't too bad. They have a nice brown tinge which kind of suits me in a way. They're pretty comfortable and also easy to wear and barely irritated my eyes at all. 

Normally, with contact lenses (circle lenses or not) I tend to apply eye drops every 3-4 hours so, these were perfectly fine. 

I  took some shots on my iPhone since my DSLR was playing up on me. Just to show you how it looked on me. As you can see they really make my eyes super huge! Hahaha. 

The Barbie 'Big Eye' Circle Lenses are available on Uniqso's website, there are also a huge variety of other colours and claim to be really similar to the GEO branded lenses. 

What I love about Uniqso service is that the package time usually only takes around 1-2 weeks (2 weeks at most to Sydney, Australia). Also they always have sales on all the time! So if you're interested in getting a pair of contact lenses - they're always on sale! Not only do they sell contact lenses but they also sell affordable asian cosmetics and skin care products. 

For $16 these contacts won't put a hole in your pocket and are also great for those times when you're going to a dress up party or alternatively if you're just a fan of the big dolly eye look. 

And... if you're interested in purchasing anything from Uniqso you can use this coupon code JLS10 for 10% off your purchases! 

Hope you found this review helpful and I'll be back soon for more reviews!

Love, J 

*Disclaimer: This product has been sent for review purposes. All opinions and comments are my own and are all 100% honest. For more details please see my disclosure policy. 


  1. Oh no, I hope your eye is okay now!

    I agree that those contacts do make your eyes look so much larger. Unfortunately I can't wear contacts (don't really know how to put them on nor take them off!). I should learn haha.

    Btw, love the falsies you have on! xx

  2. The colour is quite nice!
    I so know what you mean about big diameters looking freaky... even 15mm looks scary on me -.-

  3. I'm also not a fan of those crazy huge lens as it really make me look like a alien even if I wore makeup~ I usually go for 14-15 as it enlarges your eyes but still looking like a human ^_~

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