A Wrap Up of my Top 10 Favourites of 2012!

I know I'm not constant with monthly favourites (and I've tried!) but today I thought I'll do a quick (and impromptu) post before I head out tonight in time for NYE!

I could possibly say that these are my 'all time favourites' but I'll do a separate post on that sometime soon! For now this is just some of the favourite products which I enjoyed using throughout the year 2012!

So.. let's get to it! (Oh and excuse the dirty Real Technique's Brush I have there)

So first off, here I have a Real Techniques Blush Brush which I adore so much! (Also nearly everything from the Real Technique's Range). I love the RT brushes in general and I much prefer those brushes over the Sigma ones any day! I still use my Sigma ones but after discovering RT's I was hooked. 

No doubt I love my MAC products and here I have 4 MAC favourites. I'm madly in love with this blush and I shall consider it as my all time favourite blush (which I've recently discovered) and it's Peaches by MAC. It's the best blush out. If you own it and love it - It's pretty much self explanatory. It gives a nice subtle flush to your face and it's perfect with any look (I may say). I also own a few other MAC blushes (Like Margin, Peachykeen & Gingerly) and I could say that Gingerly comes second after Peaches. I like to use Gingerly as a contour from time to time. 

The Second MAC product here is the MAC Fix +, I love my Fix + and I have the full size (100ml) and the travel size (pictured here - 30mls) and I always spritz it on my face after powdering / setting my make up and also throughout the day to refresh my skin. I know many people often get confused with the whole concept of the Fix + and the thing is - it's more of a Make Up Fixer than a make up setter. Nevertheless, it does both jobs pretty well for me... (despite the claims and etc) 

While on the same topic, another MAC product I adore and use everyday is my MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Medium adn my MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Medium Plus. I use this everyday or otherwise (exclude the Studio Tint when I'm heading out and there's pictures bound to be taken). 

Studio Tint is my favourite everyday 'foundation'... technically it's a tinted moisturiser. To me this is kinda my 'BB cream' even though it's not labelled as one. I've been using it for the past year and a half and there's still less than a quarter of it left. It will probably be my first repurchase of a MAC product and I'm so glad I have it in my kit! 

As for the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish, it's amazing! All I can say is that I use it as a setting powder even though it's not translucent. I use a small pea size amount of foundation when I apply my make up and use the powder to even out the skin and also set it at the same time without looking cakey. 

The next item on the list is my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. My mum gave me this not knowing that she could probably make use of an awesome product, but whatever! I used it a few times and didn't like it at first as I felt like it was just some ordinary moisturiser, but then after reading how it works (since it gives just unclear and minimal instructions) I did see why many people on Make Up Alley rave about how awesome this product was and what it actually does to your face. 

At first I used it as a primer but after a while after googling and all that crap. I found out that it's mainly used to even out wrinkles (which I don't have just yet), minimise pores...? and also minimise redness plus all over good stuff (which I cannot remember). 

I know that when I apply this product before foundation - it gets rid of the redness off my face and also provides a nice base for my foundation. My skin feels smooth and also felt like I've drank so much water my skin feels super hydrated. 

Despite it not being a primer, I use it like a primer from time to time. I love how it's like an eraser for my imperfections and allowing my foundation to do it's magic and make my face look flawless. I've gone through so much of this 30ml travel sized product that I'm ready to purchase the full 50ml sized product. 

Next thing is Seche Vite, after hearing the biggest hype about it in the bloggosphere I finally gave in and purchased this infamous top coat. I can say that it's the best top coat I've used - even though I have no tried Out the Door (which many people claim is just as good or even better than Seche Vite). Enough said, it dries so quickly (like I think around a minute or less) and also leaves my nails with this nice incredible shine. Best $7 spent on a top coat indeed. 

Three more products to go! Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner is also one of those liquid eyeliners that have been hyped about for sooooooo long, I did give in and I could say that I am highly impressed and that I'm going to purchase 2 more as back ups. It's stays on all day and also has a nice precision tip which makes applying your liquid eyeliner a breeze!

As for mascara, I cannot tell you how many mascaras I have and how many I need to get through. But by far, I do love my Australis Killer Curves mascara (Review Here) but than again I think my all time favourite would have to be the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara. I have a travel size here, cause I bought it on eBay just to see how awesome everyone claimed it to be. It's freaking amazing and I've been loving it ever since. It gives decent volume and also length plus! despite having short stubby asian lashes I found that out of all the mascaras (ranging from Maybelline to Dior) this is the mascara that makes my asian lashes a teeny visible!

Lucky last, I know... another hyped up product from the bloggosphere!? But hey, I love this lip gloss to death and I am so glad I've purchased it. Thank god I bought it for $31 on StrawberryNet and also it's really rare to find this colour online now (since it's sold out everywhere *for those who want to purchase via Australia at that price). This gloss is amazing. I never thought this gloss from YSL would be so great, I use it everyday - work and going out. I also use it on top of most of my favourite lipsticks to give it an extra staying power. (Review Here)

I hope you enjoyed reading this lengthy post and sorry for the rush but hope this impromptu post keeps you occupied!

Oh, and before I go... Happy New Years everyone! It's been a lengthy and stressful year for me but also I'm excited to see what the new year unfolds! :D Stay safe everyone!

Love, J


  1. Happy New year and great picks for the products ^_~ Thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. Thank you for a really great post :) There are definitely a few products in here to check out!
    I would love to see a post on your uses for Clarins Beauty Flash Balm because I've been struggling to see about the hype as well and would love to hear your thoughts
    Happy new year :)

  3. great post!
    i have been eyeing the YSL lip gloss for aaages as well!
    happy new year! :D


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Love your favourites! The Real Technique brushes are amazing, love their softness :) I don't own any MAC products but I should have a look into them sometime. I didn't really know what the Clarins Beauty Flash balm did either, I might go try it at the testers counter in my pharmacy at work hehe!

  6. So sad how Dolly Wink Liners get their hooks into you and you
    cant seem to find better.... I have tried so many others but i always go
    Great Post
    x Sakura

  7. Good choices :)

    Love the MAC natural MSF :D



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