Dolly Eye 3 Tone Hazel Contact Lenses

So lately I've been wearing contact lenses, probably for the past 3 weeks... I've gotten to the point where I wear them all day morning to night. I do normally wear glasses but I've got sent a pair of contacts to review (and thought I'll try them out) and also I wanted to try and wear the cosmetic ones which also slightly enlarge the iris for the 'dolly' eyed effect (hence the name of the brand).

I'm no stranger to contacts, I have worn prescription ones and also other coloured contact lenses and circle lenses. I usually wear them when I go out (especially parties and special occasions) but lately I've been wearing mine everyday cause I just feel it completes my look... if you know what I mean... I don't want to sound over done with my everyday make up but I like..  how it gives my eyes that extra oomph and also with the prescription ones obviously they come in handy.

After not wearing contacts for a while I thought I would get into the groove (before Uni started) and also practice with placing contacts in (because I know they were such a hassle when I first tried coloured ones back in Year 11). Since I've been wearing contact lenses, the first week of getting back into the groove was such a bitch. It took me around 10 minutes to finally have them in my eye and now after wearing them everyday, placing them in my eye has been a breeze! It only takes me less than a minute, yay!

Anyways down to the review... So Uniqso has sent me a pair of these Dolly Eye 3 Tone Hazel contact Lenses (well they're more like circle lenses I suppose?) It arrived in this cute box with teddy bears on it printed with Thank You in different languages. How cute!

The Dolly Eye 3 Tone contact lenses are 14.5mm in diameter, it is said that the natural iris is roughly 13-14mm in diameter. These lenses look natural when worn and seen from a far. When upclose it's somewhat slightly noticeable because the lenses are bigger than the iris which overlaps (can be seen with photos below) but probably if you're standing a metre away you can't really tell. I've worn them to Uni and my friends didn't notice until I asked them if there's anything different about my eyes.

One of my friends loved the hazel colour on my eyes and said they looked very natural on me. I agree! I love it! One of my Uni friends kept teasing me I had Crocodile Eyes and the other one said I had Lizard Eyes (trust boys to make stupid remarks like that, but I know they were joking... or were they?! Hahaha). My boyfriend said that he loves these contacts better than my grey or brown ones I previously got from the Geo Brand. He even said these were more flattering on me. Hehehe!

These contacts arrived snugly in this cute box and also nicely bubble wrapped. 

I just realised I was sent Hazel instead of Brown but it's okay, I still enjoy wearing them! 

When I received the lenses I soaked them in my Opti-Free Pure Moist Solution, because with all contact lenses you can't really use the Saline that is provided in the vial. You need to soak them in multi-purpose contact solution for a good 6-8 hours (I did this overnight prior to wearing them on the next day). Multi-Purpose Solutions can be easily purchased for $11-18 (in Australian Pharmacies) depending on the brand and size of the solution.

The saline solution that the lenses come in are for storage, and it is not meant to have contact with your eyes. Your eyes will sting if you decide to wear them with that saline solution (trust me I've tried it, and it's baaaaaaad). When you soak the lenses in the multi-purpose solution this allows the contacts to fully hydrate the lenses get rid of the storage solution. (Really important!) 

After soaking the contact lenses I wore them all day for the past week, from waking up and wearing them before make up to coming home back from the gym right before having a shower I remove them. I haven't found any issues with these contact lenses yet... or so far! It's been a good week and they're super comfortable. 

I found that with the Geo Lenses I purchased from eyewantlenses were uncomfortable after 3-5 hours of wear and that I constantly had to reapply eyedrops and rewetting solutions throughout the day probably around 2-3 times at most just to keep them moist and also not irritate my eyes. With these Dolly Eye lenses I only applied a rewetting solution once or twice during the week and that was it, they didn't irritate my eyes nor dried them out. 

Here's a comparison without and with the Dolly Eye Hazel Contact Lenses. I've also wore this recently in my MUFE HD Foundation Review (here)

It was very hard for me to take photos with my DSLR without looking funny. So here are some pictures of me with the contact lenses on. 

They're not the best pictures (which way I hate taking face shots - but for the purpose of this review - here they are!)

It's really hard to capture the hazel since my eyes are naturally dark... 

Overall, I love these contact lenses. I think I will definitely purchase more from this brand over the Geo ones and also they're much more comfortable than any other brand of lenses I've tried (and I've tried a handful). 

  • Comfortable 
  • Can be stored up to a year (but I think I'll throw mine out after half a year due to hygienic purposes)
  • Natural Looking
  • Not too enlarging that it will look unnatural
  • The Dolly Eye range also comes in prescription lenses as well. 
  • None to be honest!
Best thing is to ALWAYS (when wearing contacts) carry a empty contact lense case filled with solution (incase you have a mishap and you need to take your contacts out) and also, ALWAYS carry eye drops or rewetting solution or both! The difference with eye drops and rewetting solution (kind of speaks for itself - ones for treating dry eyes and irritation etc and the other is to hydrate the lenses and prevent your eyeballs from sticking etc.) 

If you're interested in affordable contact lenses from Uniqso, I have a special discount code for all my Just Plain Delirious readers! 

Use the code "JLS10" and you'll get 10% off your entire purchase! 

There are also other offers on Unisqo... like if you purchase over $50 you can get a pair of contacts from the Dolly Eyes range for free! When you enter "FREE" when you checkout! You can also check out Uniqso for other products other than contact lenses as well. They stock Korean Brand Cosmetics and Skin Care! 

Hope you found this review useful and also don't forget to check out Uniqso to see more contact lenses or cosmetics/skincare products you may be interested in!

Love, J

*This item has been sent for consideration, links and codes in this post are affiliated and sponsored links. Images for face shots were requested by the sponsor, I was encouraged to post head shots which is something I usually don't do. All my thoughts and reviews in this post and my own and my honest opinions. For more information please see my disclosure policy. 


  1. I was sent some lens from Uniqso this week too!
    They do look quite natural on you :)
    I find 3 tone lens blend better into the natural eye colour.

  2. Hmm,, your eyes are looking adorable with 3 Tone lenses. I have a pair of crazy lenses and it looks so cool and natural on me. I'll also try some three tone lenses to get a differnt look.

  3. Oh my gosh, these look so natural on you~ >u< They seem too perfect! xD


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