DIY Coffee Body Scrub/Face Mask

I'm back! And I know I keep going and disappearing! I'm currently teaming up with a friend of mine whom will be partnering up on my blog as well as also posting reviews for as well. I've been super busy so... having another person on Just Plain Delirious to also be apart of this new 'team' will be something special! We're hoping to post more given that we have another person on board, so stay tuned for that!

Anyways, So let's get into this DIY! I don't think I've ever done a DIY on my blog before but let it be one of the first DIY project I'll ever do.

Lately I've been recovering from the flu and even after the flu, I realised my eyes were puffy and also my skin was kind of dry and red. Puffy eyes have always been an issue for me, not only do I try to drink enough water but for some reason I just always tend to have them.  I was bored one night and was inspired by one of Michelle Phan's Coffee Scrub Video that she did yoinks ago and ... went and dug up some things I could find in the kitchen and voila!

So... why the coffee mask you ask? (You probably seen so many already). I've watched and read many posts/videos on how coffee reduces cellulite on people and I did some research on the benefits of coffee. With my prior knowledge about coffee and it's skin benefits I know that it can reduce cellulite (as many cellulite creams contain caffeine) and also depuffs eyes! (Which was my main two concerns)

Other than that, caffeine for the skin provides anti-aging properties, contains lots of antioxidants and... with exfoliation coming from the coffee grounds (or sugar if you decide to add to your concoction) it will soften your skin getting rid of dead skin etc.

So... I came up with a generic concoction in which adds Matcha Green Tea powder as well for the extra boost of caffeine. To be honest, I had it laying around so I thought... why not. And before you go 'Why would she waste such precious Matcha powder?!' I had a large canister at home and it wasn't going to go to any use so... here it is. 

I know Matcha Green Tea powder is pretty expensive in Australia so you can leave it out if you like. It was something I decided to add in addition. If you're interested, you can find a large canister like this for around $6-7 but it does not have the same distinctive taste as the Japanese Green Matcha (which is in a much smaller canister and around the same price). This particular one is from China and I'm somewhat certain it's mixed with brown rice cause the taste is just weird... and not as pure as the Japanese one, nevertheless it states it's 100% Matcha but I'm guessing there's a different Matcha or grade? One for cooking or baking... Not sure. But still okay to add to this mix.

The next ingredient is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic), you can use Organic Coconut Oil as well which ever you have around. Prior to purchasing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I was using Baby Oil which I had in my bathroom. I had mixed thoughts about Baby Oil and how it is deemed bad (you can google why) but personally I don't think it's bad if they've manufactured it specifically for Babies - but use whatever you have and what you like. 

The other ingredient... is Ground Coffee (you can either use ground coffee which has been processed or fresh coffee - oh and any type is fine) I got some ground coffee which you can either get the ones that have been processed through your coffee maker or what not or alternatively, just get the coffee straight from the jar (which is what I did, cause my house has an abundance of coffee.)

Other things you can add is also Honey (containing inflammatory properties - great for acne etc) or Brown Sugar (not necessary but gives a little more exfoliation for the skin).

Everything I've mentioned above is alternatively for the body scrub but to alter it to the Face Mask just replace the oil with 1 tablespoon of water and you can skip the sugar as it maybe too abrasive towards the skin. Below I've made the recipe simple :)

Body Scrub 

2 teaspoons of Matcha Powder (Optional)
1 tablespoon of Honey (Optional)
2-3 tablespoons of Coffee Grounds
2 tablespoons of Olive Oil (or whatever oil of your choice)

Apply on areas where you want to target cellulite and also all over the body for a full body scrub.

This will leave you with smooth exfoliated skin and applying in circular motions will make you feel really invigorated after rinsing off.

Face Scrub

2 teaspoons of Matcha Powder
1 tablespoon of Coffee Grounds
1/2 tablespoon of Water (Add more for a runny texture)

Combine and apply to the face avoiding the eyelids, placing this mixture under the eyes will make your eye refreshed and de-puffed! 

Then lather this wherever you want to target your cellulite and leave it soaked on your skin for around 5-10 mins and rinse. 

Let me know if you've tried this or if you're planning on trying it! I would love to see what you think and also if you liked it or not!

Love, J

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