My Little MAC Lipstick Collection

No doubt I love MAC Lipsticks and also I'm easily suckered in for their sleek black signatured MAC packaging.

I'm kinda aiming for a whole 'MAC' collection I have going on cause I just want a whole uniform set (if that doesn't sound weird at all). I'm currently in the dilemma of deciding whenever or not I should go get a peachy NARS blush (Luster, is the one I have in mind) or Warm Soul from MAC. I'll wait til IMATS for the verdict.

Anywho a few weeks ago I ordered from MAC Lippies and also a Select Cover Concealer (not pictured/mentioned in this post) which I got my cousin Lila to send over. Everything pictured is the MAC Lippies I currently own. Velvet Teddy is one I got last year but I added to this post anyways.

Yay, they're all freshly made this year! Hehehe. 
Awesome how Costa Chic is the freshest outta the lot. 
It was made in June 2012 (Hence 6 (for June) and 2( for '12) - Thought I'd share this little tip with you guys! (I think this only applies to MAC products not sure about the other brands) 

Swatches corresponding to the lipsticks in order above. 

Crosswires, Morange, Freckletone, Costa Chic, Velvet Teddy and also lip swatches below. 

I know Freckletone, Costa Chic & Velvet Teddy don't really show up here but in real life you can notice the difference (depicted on the arm swatches). I think it's the lighting - definitely that makes it look the same. Anywho, if you're interested in those colours just swatch them yourself at a MAC Counter!

My favourite out of all of them would have to be Freckletone. It is a Lustre so it's heaps sheer but it's buildable. It's a perfect nude and it's my go-to nude lately. I wear Freckletone to Uni and sometimes if I feel girly or feel like changing my look a bit I would go with Costa Chic. I love how lipstick can add a little touch to your face and also lighten up your complexion and can go with whatever outfit you're wearing. 

I'm also glad I got brand new lippies even though they're not drastically different in colour but I'm satisfied. Considering I got them at US prices compared to AUS is a good deal. I haven't really given Morange a spin but whilst in Melbourne this year I was dying to get my hands on it now it's just meh to me.

I was wearing Topshop's Firecracker which is a near dupe for it and I literally wore it for most of my Melbourne trip. I can't wait to wear Morange sometime soon it's an awesome loudmouth orange. I'm thinking of getting MAC Rebel next if i'm not afraid to pull off a bold purple and maybe add the infamous MAC Russian Red considering I already have a YSL Red Lippie.

Let me know any other wonderful MAC lipstick colours you like!  

Love, J 


  1. The swatches look really nice! I really want to try a Mac lipstick :)

  2. Love all the colors, but coastal chic is my favorite. I'll have to pick one up!

  3. OMG Morange looks so beautiful in switch <3 now I want it sooo badly!

  4. They're all lovely colours! I might have to invest in one :) x

  5. i do not own a mac lipstick. .. yet! they look so tempting. new follower here :) mandy x

  6. I like how Morange looks :) I've been liking the bold lip look lately~

    Joyce @

  7. morange is one of my favourite mac lippies!


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