Australis Go Long Longwear Lipsticks

Yes it's another Lip Product and yes it's from Australis! And... I am on a roll! But hey, it's a post I'm thrilled to share with you guys! Also, I'm on Mid Semester Break so I have some TIME to actually post some stufficles!

Anyways! I got these awesome lippies that have just been released by Australis! I'm a huge sucker for long lasting lippies - actually anything long lasting but particularly lippies. Anything that makes my life easier and also that being not to apply my lipstick so often is one.

I was heaps excited when I received this despite the fact that my mum pointed out that I already have enough lipsticks! (Let alone, my collection is huge - which is why I haven't been buying ANY make up lately)

Anyways, these are just as good as my favourite MAC lippies which I use religiously and adore so highly. And it's great to see Australis bring this range out, cause it's something that hasn't been introduced to their permanent line.

I tried out Easy Chic and Preppy on my lips on two different days and I already love the formula and colours of the lippies!

To these the two lippies out, I wore these lippies for a course of a typical 10-12 hour day. The longevity is quite good! I would say a good 4-5 hours of solid wear (and thats through light eating and drinking).

(Left To Right: Preppy, Easy Chic, Uber Cool & Trendy)
My awkward lip swatches, yes this is why I don't like doing lip swatches - also it was a bit difficult capturing this on an iPad but these will do justice! 

(Swatches Accordingly - See Below) 

  • Trendy reminds me of MAC's Viva Glam Nicki but its a tiny bit more neon and drying then Viva Glam Nicki. It's definitely a summer rocking colour and great to wear for clubbing and festivals. Potential dupe!
  • Uber Cool reminds me of MAC's Up the Amp, though I don't own it personally but I think MAC's Up the Amp is much more brighter than Uber Cool but I would say this would be a potential dupe. (Also I've been obsessed with dark purple lipsticks too! Also another favourite!)
  • Easy Chic is light brown nude great for those who are afraid of going completely nude on the lips and want a subtle neutral colour. (One of my instant favourites)
  • Diva is your classic and perfect matte red Lippie
  • Glam would be the darkest of them all, it's this dark cherry colour great to wear with winter outfits. It has this vampy vibe when I wear it... Reminds me of Michelle Phan's Vampire Look she created a while back. 
  • Boho is kind of a step up from Easy Chic with much more of a solid colour. To be honest the only difference between Rasy Chic and Boho is that easy chic was a little bit more sheer than Boho in my opinion.
  • Preppy is a nice pinky nude? Well, Pastel Pink - reminds me of a Barbie Pink. It's that pastel pink that makes everything look girly. I particularly like this shade! If you need a pastel pink lippie in your collection this is one to look at!
  • Ghetto is a solid burgundy colour which is great to match with winter outfits.

Despite the claims that it lasts up to 10 hours, I think that claim only lives up to it if you were to not do anything with your lips. But the lasting power starts to wither away after a while but compared to normal typical lipsticks they do really last a little longer.

Not sure if it's the matte-ness of these lippies that gives a little boost in lasting power but they're not really drying on the lips. Australis says that it's Enriched with Antioxidants, Vitamin E, White Tea Leaf Extract, Rosehip Oil & Mango Butter. Which is heaps good! Cause usually Matte lippies dry the hell out of my lips and leaving my lips flakey. This doesn't do that. In which, I did notice moisturising properties when applying the lippies. If you have dry lips prior to application, nothing but a little bit of lip balm can't do!

Other than that, the packaging is quite nice and also it's matte as well. Kudos to Australis for the packaging; it's sleek and also looks somewhat compatible to Macs Pro Long Wear Lippies. 

As for the colour range, I'm pretty impressed with the colours so far. They're pretty neutral expect for Diva, Trendy and Glam which are the unique odd few! But all I can say is that I love love these lippies so much!

They're available at stockists (Priceline, Big W, KMart, Target and also their website) and where Australis can be found. Also, they're $12.95! Which is reasonably priced! Australis also do not test on animals - so another kudos to them!

If you're after any neutral shades or dark, bright shades similarly to the ones above, check them out and swatch them! I'm already planning on what lippies to wear with my outfits already!!

Anyways, i'm gonna try and post as much as I can with the time I have despite the fact that I'm swamped with stuff to do all the time. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Til Next Time, 
Love, J. 

*Disclosure: These products were sent to me for review purposes. All my opinions are my own and are do not affect my thoughts - for more information please see my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Awesome! They sound great. Thanks for the swatches.

  2. I have been dying to hear what people are saying about these lippies - I think I'll need to get the Preppy and Glam!

  3. Wow these look great. too bad i'm on a lip product ban ;c i cleaned out my make up on the weekend and i have a ridiculous amount the lip products D:

    à la foliee

  4. wow, the packaging look so sleek and shades are nice too ^_~

  5. Ah, first the Pout Paste and now the pretty lipsticks! Gosh I can't wait to give them a swatch.

  6. Some really nice colours in there! I've been leaning towards purpleish shades lately as well. I'd be interested to swatch these for myself in the shops - I am a fan of Australis lipsticks and think they're quite underrated.

  7. Hi Joline I'm a big fan of these too! :) My fave would have to be Preppy!

    Sarah @ a beautiful story


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